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Version 1.1

Installation Instructions

1. Copy the NetMenu.class and the your html file in the same directory.
2. If you want to place the above-mentioned files in a directory that is different from the html file, specify the directory in the applet tag using "codebase".
Example : <applet code="NetMenu.class" codebase="http://myurl/NetMenu" width=600 height=100>
This tells the viewer or browser to load the applet whose compiled code is at the URL http://myurl/NetMenu/NetMenu.class.
3. Change the parameters according to your preferences. Please note that the parameters are case-sensitive.
4. Following is a sample applet parameters used in the demo. You can copy the follow code into your html file and make adjustments.

<applet code="NetMenu.class" align="baseline" archive="NetMenu.jar" width="230" height="400">
<param name="bgColor" value="000000">
<param name="topLevelColor" value="005A94">
<param name="secondLevelColor" value="85798C">
<param name="strColor" value="FFFFFF">
<param name="strHiColor" value="F0C070">
<param name="itemHeight" value="20">
<param name="font" value="Times New Roman">
<param name="menu0" value="General Information|*|Main Page,Who Are We?,What's New?,Contact Information|u0,u1,u2,u3">
<param name="u0" value="mainW|">
<param name="u1" value="mainW|">
<param name="u2" value="mainW|">
<param name="u3" value="mainW|">
<param name="menu1" value="Applets|*|NetTree,NetTable,NetTab,NetMenu|u4,u5,u6,u7">
<param name="u4" value="mainW|">
<param name="u5" value="mainW|">
<param name="u6" value="mainW|">
<param name="u7" value="mainW|">
<param name="menu2" value="Java Resources|*|JARS,Java Boutique|u8,u9">
<param name="u8" value="mainW|">
<param name="u9" value="mainW|">
<param name="menu3" value="Ye's Homepage|u10">
<param name="u10" value="mainW|">


bgColor - background color
topLevelColor - top level color
secondLevelColor - second level color
strColor - string color for the item when mouse is not on it
strHiColor - string color for the item when mouse is on it
itemHeight - height for menu items
font - font name
itemHeight - menu item height
menu0-N - any number of top level menu items with the following value format:
        if the top level menu item does not have a sub-menu item, use format
        else use format
Refer the above example for both formats.

For each sub-menu hyperlink id, it should have a parameter specified for it with the following format:

For target, it can be

_self - display the page in the same window
_blank - display the page in a new and unnamed window
name - display the page in the window with specified name

In the above example, all pages are shown in a window/frame called "mainW".