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What's the base 10 equivalent of each of these binary numbers?
1. In what year was Julie born?   1935   1936   1937
2. In which county?   Somerset   Sussex   Surrey
3. Under what name was she christened?   Julia Elizabeth Andrews   Julia Elizabeth Wells   Julie Andrews
4. What was her Fathers profession?   English teacher   Maths teacher   Woodwork teacher
5. In 1956 Julie stared as Polly Brown on Broadway:- Was it in:-   The Friend   The Boyfriend   The Girlfriend
6. In what year was the film "Mary Poppins" released?   1963   1964   1965
7. What is the surname of the central family in?   Franks   Banks   Smith
8. What was the name of the nanny Mary Poppins replaced?   Katie nanna   Kathie anna   Katie anna
9. What was the name of the character played by Dick Van Dike?   Bill   Burt   Bob
10. What was the name of the two chilcren?   Sarah+Michael   Jane+Michael   Elaine+Michael
11. What year was "The Sound of Music" released?   1963   1964   1965
12. In which country is it set?   France   Austria   Germany
13. How many children did the Captain have?   6   7   8
14. What was the name of the captains fiancee.Baroness:-   Schneider   Schroder   Schraeder
15. The Sound of Music only recieved one Oscar.Was it for:-   Best actor/actress   Best music   Best cinematography
16. What was Julies first husband called?   Trevor   Steven   Tony
17. In what year did she marry Blake Edwards   1967   1968   1969
18. In 1999 Julie had a throat op that went terribly wrong. Was it at:-   California Medical Center   Mount Sinai Medical Center   New York Medical Center
19. In 1999 Julie recieved an award from Queen Elizabeth. Was it:-   CBE   OBE   Dame

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