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'THE SOUND OF MUSIC'-Where are they now?! 'THE SOUND OF MUSIC'-Where are they now?!

The Sound of Music

Maria, a winsome postulant at Nonnberg Abbey in Salzberg, is having trouble adjusting to convent life. So her Mother Superior convinces her to accept a position as governess for Captain Von Trapp's seven children. Von Trapp, a lonely widower, realizes how badly his children need mothering and how much he longs for companionship. Eager to solve his domestic dilemma, he proposes to the Baroness (a haughty woman who dislikes children). But it isn't long before he realizes he that it's Maria he really loves. Once awakened to his true feelings, Captain Von Trapp breaks his engagement and marries Maria instead. All is blissful for the moment, but a cloud looms over the beautiful Salzburg horizon: Hitler is ascending to power, forcing Von Trapp to decide whether to become a Nazi...or leave his home forever

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